Friday, March 02, 2007

Reaction from Google to the charity suggestion

Well, Stephanie from the Adsense team replied to my idea and she forwarded it on. Let's hope we'll get a feature allowing to donate (a part of) the earnings of a page to charity (or open source). I'm still thinking about new ways how this could work out, like being able to donate part of the money to open source projects as a thank you for the tools. By enabling people to donate directly without them having to do anything for it, it is more likely that more people will donate (part) of their earnings with Adsense to some worthy cause.

Google's e-mail:

Thanks for your thoughts on enabling publishers to donate AdSense earnings
to charity. I'm happy to pass along your comments to our engineering and
product teams.

Suggestions and ideas like yours directly contribute to making AdSense
better, and we appreciate your perspective. Please also feel free to
submit any future suggestions through our online form:


The Google AdSense Team

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