Saturday, August 04, 2007

Wishlist for Google Apps Enterprise

This is a wishlist of stuff I would like to have in my company to make my life easier. It's all about how we deal with information in organisations. There is so much information in companies. Most of it is tacit knowledge. This kind of knowledge is locked away in peoples minds, mailboxes, bookmark lists, rss-readers, implicit references in memo's, discussions, interactions. In the end it comes down to google's mission, to make the worlds information accessible. Microsoft gave us the office tools to make information, but failed us badly in making it accessible. I've written it with an eye to Google, because they seem best postioned to deliver us some of these advances, but hey anybody can try and realize this dream be they Microsoft, Zimbra or Open Office.

My Google Wishlist:

- Google Reader with Google Apps for enterprises. This way it should be possible both to see what feeds your coworkers subscribe to, what is hot on those lists, share the most important articles with your coworkers etc. And for good measure it should include a company Digg/delicious function.
- desktop and company wide search
- Google Reader Enterprise version with sharing, searching, mining, statistics on what is most read, shared, dugg etc.
- in-company social network like pages to replace those tired phonebooks with myspace/orkut like pages. This can also provide clues on the projects we're in and therefore a web of relevance
- Google proxy sniffer (might be a privacy/security concern) that analyzes via the proxy what webpages are read most and therefore are important for our company.
- Google Wiki - Well they own Jotspot already, give it back to us and let every company grow it's own wiki or else we'll use socialtext, confluence and centraldesktop
- Google Grandcentral to be finally able to manage our internal telephone system including IM and let that be well integrated into our Calendar function, so that when somebody calls us, the system knows what to do and reach us properly
- Google Blackberry functions. For the love of me I don't understand why the Crackberry can only function in such a limited way for incompany use... make it useful. let me access all my company information on it, not just my mail, but also my intranet
- Google IM... Buy and build the best incompany IM system, that can interact with other incompany IM systems just like e-mail systems can interact, without the need for a third party to be in the middle
- GMail/Calender etc Enterprise, without the need to host it at Google, but to be able to do this in company or at a third party. The apps are cool, but big companies never want to give everything to Google. They just want to give it to Suresh of Accenture in Bangalore.
- Google Spreadsheets that can actually integrate the data of the spreadsheet with the real world out there. So if I make a spreadsheet showing sales per region, I can push one button and get a map overview projected on Google Earth, integrate it with stats from the national bureau of statistics, or hook it up with data from Google Finance. Or that can actually animate the information in the spreadsheet just like the Gapminder software they bought of Prof. Hans Rosling. (Google him, he's brilliant)
- Google Document Management System, that actually allows us to manage documents in the way we want instead of in the way the idiots of hummingbird and documenta want us to do things. I don't want to fill in a gazillion fields to store one document. I want to make it, store it, retrieve it and share it, without everything becoming too hard.
- Google company blogs
- Google subscription manager. Companies have many subscriptions to magazines and newspapers which allow the access to archives. However employees never have the list of usernames and passwords. Help us manage this.

Sounds like a rather nice businessplan for the Google Apps division.

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