Sunday, October 28, 2007

Updated: Release date Nokia E51 is November 12th

I just ordered Nokia's new and unreleased E51, because it gave me a whole lotta goodies for a 300 euro price-tag (through a friend). Unfortunately it was unknown when it would be released, except for Q4 2007, which could be the day after Christmas. But fortunately Amazon UK is now reporting that it will be available November 12th! (The same day as the iPhone is released in Europe (correction: UK only I hear, France on the 29th) Great! I really want to fiddle with the VoIP functionality and Wifi capability. Also it supports almost all e-mail systems right from the get go except it seems for Gmail, which is a pity. Iphone would have been cute too.. but Apples policy makes it hard to get without a subscription.

Update: It's available in Germany! Seems its been available for two weeks there already according to My Google-powers must have been very week not being able to find it. Though strange thing is that says that it is bald erhaltlich, or in English: Available soon. Great thing this globalisation/e-commerce/weightless economy. Stuff is on the market even before Nokia gets a word of it.


Gideon said...

Hope the date's right, am looking forward to the E51!

Ben said...

Changed to 26th November at Amazon UK now. I asked in the O2 shop and Carphone Warehouse and neither knew anything about this phone.

Anonymous said...

Item is available throught ebay and germany. apprx £290 euros + delivery. I paid £214 and should be arriving in the next two days