Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fibre optic cable laying vessel Tyco Responder in Curacao

In December I was on Curacao for my wedding. In the city center I got this telecommunications treat: The Tyco Responder floated past us into the harbour of Curacao. This ship lays and repairs fibre optic cable in the Caribbean. These ships have made the internet possible. Imagine if you would still connect to most of the world via satellite..... If you ever want to know about the business of laying cables, read Mother Earth, Motherboard by Neal Stephenson. (Unfortunately the image is a bit blue because of a wrong setting on my camera)


Anonymous said...

thank you for the wonderful photos. my husband is the chief eng. on the tyco responder

Anonymous said...

These are very cool shots of the ship thanks for posting them. This is most likely the last you'll see of the responder in Curacao though. She has a new contract elsewhere now. I am the second engineer on board. The Port of Curacao and it's people were wonderful, hospitable people, it was a sad day when we finally left.

Anonymous said...

I am sure he must know my Grandson as he is an engineer on the Responder also.(Spencer)