Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Nokia E51 Released yesterday, NO on November 22nd or December 6th?!?!?!

Well, what can I say... I'm sad. November 12th came and went and there has been no official release of the E51 neither in The Netherlands, nor in the UK. It seems however that you can buy it on Ebay and somewhere in Europe. The guy behind has his already and blogs about it.The people of Symbian Review have a review up and love it.

German sites, like Conrad, were reporting that they had it in stock, but now they are reporting that it will be available on the 22 of november. has moved the date up to December 6th. My mr. Fix-it, whose got a good reputation of getting the cool stuff when it's still hot, hasn't gotten his hands on it either. He still has it in backorder. I haven't found a Nokia site yet that sais that it is shipping. There are no press releases either. Nokia Europe has moved the phone to its list of available phones and off the list of phones to be released, but Nokia Germany and the Netherlands both have it listed as "available soon". Most Nokia sites do show a nice promo for the phone, but I don't want pretty pictures, I want press releases and shipped models.

Meanwhile it seems that Hungarians can buy the E51 on the black market already... I interpret the Hungarian euphemisms as: A container full of these somehow got lost and ended up in our shop... that's not stealing is it :-)

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