Thursday, February 07, 2008

What I don't get about Google

Google is one of my favorite webcompanies. And why not, they make brilliant products. Yes privacy is a concern, but they have proven to be true to their motto of don't be evil. However there are several things I don't get about them.

- Why have Blogger, Google Analytics, Adsense, Adwords and Feedburner and not integrate them into one convenient package? Why do I have to configure different things at different locations. Integrate and make it easy, so that uptake is high etc. --> why can't I see which pages/topics yield the most money in Adsense? (Though in my case the Agpo Nev 124 is still very popular and I will not write about it again)

- Why is it so hard for Google to understand that I search and read in two languages: English and Dutch. Fix it so that I can get a mix of Dutch and English results in search and especially News, mixed with really high ranking other language results... At the moment either the first ten are English or Dutch and that means I have to do two searches instead of one.

- Why don't all Blogger posts have automagic trackback links or something of the kind. Google knows who links to my blog, please fix that

- Why doesn't Google integrate its feedreader with a Delicious like system. I share items already and that should be enough... (tagging and starring is not for me)

- Why hasn't Jotspot come back unto the market? You bought it... now give it back, it was a great wiki system.. though Socialtext and Confluence are excellent too!

- Why hasn't Google become the default yellow pages yet... They have the technology, but searching for businesses on Google Maps still yields funky results. (at least here in .nl)

- Why do several Google products feel rough around the edges? they are brilliant, but just need hat extra 20% to be finished. (sounds like some of my papers and ideas, I know its not fun to do the last 20 percent, but it does make it better for the user)

- Why doesn't Google build more office productivity applications... Please help the workplace to move forward. There is so much data in an organisation. A couple of Google boxes with cheap apps that help us organize could make a real difference.

- Why haven't the implemented my idea for Google Adsense for Charities yet?

- What is the status on my last wish list for Google?

- Why are there no blogs/forums/trackers where we can freely dump our feature requests and see status updates?

What do you miss?

Any points I have forgotten?


Sammael99 said...

At least one more:

Google should allow for a paid and secured version of Google Maps. In my line of work it could be such a massively contributive tool for data collection, except that it's public and the data is often private.


Scott said...

A great post. Google of course is not alone in buying up stuff and then not integrating it with other things, and is sometimes guilty of buying something and then not doing anything to improve it - how long did it takle them to do anything to Blogger!? As for Jotspot, I agree - hello google, it has been almsot two years, where is it?!