Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Watch Out! Scientology about!

Just a warning to all, it seems that my previous posts attract Scientology ads. Scientology is not an organisation I support. Actually my opinion of them is quite negative, espescially for their continued lawsuits in the Netherlands to restrict free speech. Just look up Fishman Affidavit on the internet. I do like this case for one reason only and that is that it has generated good solid jurisprudence, which is still benefitting us all now. For more info

Scientology has all the traits of a cult and therefore has appeared negatively in the press on an almost continuous basis. It has been accused of brain washing, harassing, misinforming etc etc. It also has major problems with dealing with criticism. All in All something to stay away from. The ads are for Scientology Volunteer Ministers, which seems to be a latest way of getting into the public view positively. Make up your own mind, but I have made mine!