Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Appeal to Google! Use Google Adsense for Good!

Please join me in this idea! I sent the Google Adsense people the following suggestion/feature request. The Google ads that you see around the page don't generate much income and well, I don't really care about it, they're partially a service to let you find interesting companies and partially a way for me to keep track of statistics (before Google Analytics came around). It's a bit of a long tail idea, where many small sites help generate a big amount of money for charity. I hope some people in the blogosphere help to give this idea some thrust and also encourage Google to allow people to easily let a charity become the beneficiary of the revenue the Google Ads generate. Below you find my mail to the Adsense people.

"Hi, I would like to suggest that you add the option to allow people donate the money they generate with Adsense directly to a charity of their choice. I currently have made the whopping amount of 8 dollars with my blog, with the current speed I'll get paid my first check in 12.5 years. And really I don't care that much about that money, but if I could opt to send the money to a cancer or handicapped people charity, I would love to do that. The little bits of many little blogs will probably add up to a nice sum for the charities involved.

I understand that it might be difficult to give a full range of charities but even if you would use only American ones, I would still send that little 8 dollars a year there. Your financial department might not like the idea of not generating the interest over all that unclaimed money, but that's small fries compared to the good it might do.

I'll also post this on my blog and hope other people join in."