Friday, February 29, 2008

idea #1880: Graphical network configuration by drawing visio like drawings

Just posted this to the Ubuntu Idea Brainstorm site. You can dump all your brilliant ideas for how an Operatings system (like Linux of Windows) should work and they will see if they can build it into Ubuntu Linux. My idea is number 1880. This is really where open innovation starts. Listening to all the good ideas of the users.

I want to be able to graphically design and/or check how my computer connects to the internet and to other pc's devices in range/on the same network.

Say I'm sitting at home, small home network 4 pc's two wired, two wireless, one pc has printer attached, printer on wireless etc. I would like to be able to draw a visio diagram of what the network looks like and later on be able to check the diagram how it is functioning and if something changed.

So literally I would like to be able to draw a diagram showing my laptop, wireless link to wireless access point, access point wired via 100mbit ethernet to DSL modem. DSL modem is four port switch. Connects to 2 other pc's. One of these pc's is connected via USB to a printer. The wireless access point has a USB port, which has a USB storage attached. Than the system should just be able to figure out where I do my backups, where it can print, how it can connect to the internet etc.

This was something I discussed with Colleagues in an all windows environment this morning. One of my colleagues had trouble configuring the printer. He wanted to tell the computer to connect to "that" printer "there". This required a string like \\foo-bar-boo\baf\boom\bang-123. All he wanted to see was a diagram of the building we were in, go to the sixth floor, see the printers on the lay out and click the left printer on the east wall.

Oh yeah, not even Ubuntu user... just wished all networks could be configured like this.

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